Industry Orientation

In 2011, 50,000 Year Degree and Diploma Engineering students performed Shodh Yatras in industries. This was the first final year cohort of students of GTU (which is a relatively new University). During 2011-12, 73% of 17,000 final year projects were based on needs of the industry. About 2,800 industries have said in the preliminary report that they have benefited from the projects. More than 52 have already filed patents based on their projects. 137 groups have registered with Student Start-up Support System (S4 Cell) of the University for setting up new enterprises on the basis of their projects. About 1,900 industries have said that they have benefited from the projects, done by the students.

 Such an effort has never before been made by any University anywhere. This program has been taken up under the GTU Innovation Council.