Kotler’s Incubator

Kotler’s Incubator for Ayurvedic Medicines (GTU-K-IAM):

World Marketing Summit (WMS) is an initiative of World’s most influential marketing Guru  Professor Philip Kotler with the mission of creating a Better World through Marketing. GTU has been assigned ‘Health’ as a topic for incubation, with Kellogg School as the mentor.

At GTU, the project was launched on 5th May 2012 in the presence of Shri. Jaynarayan Vyas, Hon. Cabinet Minister, Government of Gujarat. Thereafter at meetings organized on 28th June 2012 and 20th July 2012, 15 MBA Colleges have presented reports on 15 research projects under K-IAM. At the next meeting on 25th August 2012, researchers from  45 MBA College and representatives from 15 Ayurvedic industries will be present.

It is proposed to contact Kellogs School of Business after the meeting of 25th August 2012.

The project is designed to help begin research in Marketing at 45 Colleges. It is also designed to establish working teams of researchers located at different locations. Universities in India will be able to become great only through bootstrapping based on collaborative working. Hence this project is an experiment, which aims at inculcating a culture of research, where none existed and to create teams of researchers for achieving a common objective.