Designing University Structure

Designing the Structure of a University of 21st Century:

611 Universities in India are essentially based on the structure devised by East India Company in response to the Wood’s note of 1854. GTU’s ‘Center for Technology Education, Public Policy and Universities of the 21st  Century (GTU-CeTEPU-21)’, jointly with the ‘Center for Governance Systems in Businesses, Industries, Universities, Hospitals, NGOs and Governments (GTU-CGS)’ and with  ‘GTU  Skills Council On Human Resource Studies & Organizational Structures (GTU- CHRSOS)’ has taken up the research project on Designing the Structure of a Technology University (DSTU. Padmabhushan Dr. P.V. Indiresan, Former Director – IIT Madras appreciated GTU for taking leadership for conducting the Research Project of this kind for the first time in the country. He said that such a project is highly relevant and will prove to be useful to the whole of the nation.

A national Workshop on DSTU is being organized on Saturday, 18th August 2012.