Active Learning and Creating Excitement

ALCE in the classrooms, laboratories and Workshops: This project on the delivery of its programs is designed to generate a system, which nurtures creativity among the young and fosters the environment for research.

Initially eight courses (four for Diploma Engg and four for Degree Engg) were selected and meetings of teachers for each of the eight courses were organized. Two workshops for teachers of Calculus and one workshop for teachers of Mathematics at Dip Engg were organized.

The objective is to prepare the best of courseware for the GTU syallabi.

Three workshops of NPTEL leaders have also been organized and the professors have promised to help tailor the NPTEL videos to GTU syllabi.

During 2012-13, a project to involve all the 3,50,000 undergraduate students in the ALCE is being launched. This will be a unique endeavour of involving students for making the classroom interesting.

GTU also aims at beaming video lectures in eight courses through TV channels.